Three great names of the dental world – Jürg Stuck, Max Bosshart and Peter Lerch – will meet up for a unique round table on November 6 in Leipzig. 

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The Swiss School of Prosthetics by Candulor and the Quintessenz Verlag present a new format: THE PROSTHETICS TALK SHOW. This is where the “Who’s Who” of the dental world meets. We take a peek behind the facade of the personalities and look forward to an encounter of a very special kind. We leave the Covid situation behind us and delve into the past as well as the present of the three legends and allow them to look into the future. Perspectives on a wide variety of prosthetic topics will be discussed in a direct, honest and unbiased manner.
Each one of them – Jürg Stuck, Max Bosshart and Peter Lerch – has made a name for himself in the dental world which is not so easy to ignore. Topics such as patient focus, communication, diagnostics, full and partial dentures are their pet subjects, accompanied by their decades of enthusiasm. They place great importance to viewing patients holistically and helping them within the scope of their expertise and possibilities. They stand for knowledge transfer and have been sharing their experience for decades.
The event will be moderated by Hans-Joachim Lotz, who, as an all-rounder, will put the three gentlemen through their paces.
In this context, the rankings of the 2021 KunstZahnWerk competition will be announced. It will remain exciting until the end, to find out who the jury has chosen.
The PROSTHETICS TALK SHOW is a hybrid event. You can either attend in person on site in this unique event or connect from home.